VIAN S.A. - Headquarters: 2, Ag. Nektariou str., 153 44 Gerakas, Pallini, Attiki - Greece

The new manufacturing facilities of the VIANEX Group are located in Gerakas, Attica and have been operating there since 2022, when they were acquired from Beiersdorf. They are supported by warehouse space with a total surface area of about 9,000 square meters and a storage capacity of up to 10,000 product pallets. Products with approximately 500 different codes are being simultaneously packaged, stored and made ready for distribution to 5,750 pharmacies throughout Greece. The new facilities have a dedicated secondary packaging department for authentication stickering with five stickering lines. There are also in-house training areas, several ancillary spaces, plus of course the administrative offices, hosting more than 200 employees.

The facilities of the company meet all legal requirements in order to ensure a safe, comfortable, and healthy working environment. All offices and storage spaces meet the required standards to create a comfortable and pleasant environment and they are fully equipped to ensure ergonomic efficiency.

Our equipment (electro-mechanical facilities, vehicles, etc.) is submitted to testing and maintenance by experts at regular, scheduled intervals, in order to ensure optimal operation.

Our highly trained personnel designs, implements, and inspects the flow of services at VIAN S.A., always abiding by the rules related to fire protection, as well as escape and evacuation routes and plans, in order to ensure the company’s safe and proper operation.

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