The foundations laid by the founder Paul Giannacopoulos and raised VIANEX to a position of excellence and at the top of the Greek pharmaceutical industry, are solid and unshakeable. They are both a guarantee and a springboard for the days ahead.

We continue to grow and to sustain our momentum through a series of mutually supportive strategic choices that are consistently applied across our full spectrum of operations. We invest in new state-of-the-art factories and facilities, expand our partnerships with internationally renowned companies, incorporate and develop new know-how, increase our production, further refine our products and expand our activities, both within and outside the borders of Greece.

The top of the Greek pharmaceutical industry is already a new starting point. Our vision is to become one of the leading European pharmaceutical companies, while remaining conscious of the responsibility imposed on us by our position as the leader of the sector in our country. We wish to always return the trust of health professionals and Greek society, by offering to individuals, the environment and our national economy.

Thanks to our people and our approach to business, we have gained reputation and unique strengths that set us apart. The excellence of VIANEX today is evidenced by all the aspects of its corporate identity. We are proud that the milestone of a century of history finds us in this position.

Dimitris P. Giannakopoulos
President BoD & CEO


Mission Statement

We leverage our know-how and legacy, to produce, deliver, expand and continuously improve our services and products, to support healthcare professionals for the benefit of patients around the world, while creating additional value for the society, our country and all involved parties.



To be amongst the top European pharmaceutical companies, responding to life's challenges and new needs, by offering the good of Health with ever-increasing success, in a world that will constantly improve, thanks also to our contribution.


Core Values

COMMITMENT to our mission

CARE for patients

MUTUALITY with our partners and customers

INTEGRITY in daily operation, faithfully following legislation, codes of ethics & quality standards

RESPECT for people and the environment

EXCELLENCE across the spectrum of our operation, processes and relationships

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